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Pasta Technologies Group (PTG) , located in Italy, specializes in industrial machines and complete systems for pasta production, for traditional  and gluten-free pasta, as well as gnocchi, and specializes in all areas of processing, such as cooking, pasteurizing, drying, cooling, instant pasta producing, and sterilizing of packages to extend the shelf-life of the product.

PTG is a well-established and highly dynamic company, oriented to technical development and innovation to guarantee a perfect quality product based on customer requirements. The application of know-how is combined with the state-of-the-art product by using the lastest technology available for the automatic supervision of the line during production, to guarantee the highest quality product and the safest working environment for the operators.

The experience gained by working with the most prestigious food companies has enabled PTG to realize machines which are not only technologically advanced, but also suitable for complete sanitization per the most comprehensive hygienic and sanitary laws.

PTG works with the Customer during each step of the project, proposing novel and innovative methods to fulfil customer needs, to include customized solutions based on specific requirements.. In addition to the project development and realization, PTG personally follows the installation, start-up and operator training and provides after-sale service and support, to include inspection surveys performed by specialized technicians.

The basic principle on which our quality policy is based is: "Maximum customer and stakeholder satisfaction, in compliance with mutual expectations and needs, achieved thanks to the high quality of the products and services offered".
Through the systematic implementation of a quality management system compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 20015 standard, with the aim of pursuing the continuous improvement of our products and our service.

This task means that:
1. we are projected continuously in improving, by designing and producing innovative products in compliance with the laws in force. Our will to improve is measured not only by verifying the achievement of the objectives established in the process policies, but also by evaluating the cost-benefit ratio, whise value is established by the Management when reviewing the quality system, considerint market situations and customer expectations.
2. the customer and the involved parties must always be held in the utmost consideration and everyone must work by focusing attention on satisfying mutual requests and interpreting mutual needs, so that they will be translated into products and services capable to satisfy any expectation.
3. the ability to work for increasing customer satisfaction is be measured with: control of complaints, related costs, delay times in the fulfillment of contractual requests, etc., as well as verifying the achievement of the objectives established in the process policies. Our Management quantifies the values ​​of these indicators during the review of the quality system to get a relevant, adequate and commensurate context with market situations and customer expectations
4. obtaining a high quality standard is a task of everyone and, therefore, it is the precise duty of our process managers and of each of our collaborators working together and ensure to get the base to achieve the objectives set out in this document, those related the processes and those defined periodically in the review of our Management. For this purpose, it is of fundamental importance the respect of the contents of quality system procedures, whose level of application is measured with defined performance indicators. Our Management establishes the value of these indicators during the review of the quality system and may eventually decide to identify (and quantify) additional indicators. Our Management is committed to promote and invest in education and training, in order to create the most suitable conditions are created so that each employee can carry out his activity independently and be aware of how much his activity contributes and is important in order to achieve the objectives for the quality.

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Customized solutions for specific applications


Equipment for traditional filling...
Rent the sheeter SA630, suitable to work a 600 mm pasta sheet, with a forming machine FA630, capacity 500 kg/h max. (according to the product shape and size), and a filling pump for traditional filling. Dies are at your choice, cappelletti, tortellini, saccottini, and more.

... or for soft and creamy filling! 
The forming group can work with this filling pump suitable for soft and creamy filling.

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